Design & Building

Tailored to your requirements.

We excel in custom design services as we have the traditional building skills, combined with the vision to create something unique. This is the main reason why we are fundamentally different from other general builders.

We can help with your ideas

Kitchens and bathrooms are largely intangible products in the sense that you cannot try them on for size in advance of your purchase. The process of designing and installing these rooms properly involves coordinating and controlling an amazing number of details. The services that we perform in this area will ensure the success of your project.

Our projects include:


Considered the most important room in the house. Whether your taste runs from modern to timeless classics, we can help with the design, supply and installation of a wide variety of kitchens. We will come up with a solution whatever your budget.


After the kitchen, it’s the bathroom that often needs modernisation to your taste. Again, we can offer assistance with layout and material choices, to make the most of the space available.


If it involves wood then we are the experts. From site-made roof structures to bespoke staircases, we have the traditional skills needed to complete the job to an exceptionally high standard. We can adjust standard staircases to fit or custom-build staircases for your home. In this way you can choose the wood, design and decide on the budget. Wood is a very pleasurable material to work; we try to use this material whenever possible.


We prefer the traditional plaster finishes as they give a more authentic look in a renovation and allows humidity out of the walls rather than the tape and joint method now used in new builds, this is becoming a lost skill!